Published by the School for Poetic Computation in the spring 2022 “Dark Matters” zine linked here

Image Description:

White ASCII text art on dark gray background that spells out the words to a poem. In spite of the amount of visual information, the lines vary in legibility and in some cases are extremely difficult to read. The text reads the following:


Everyday in my practice I am accumulating skills

Sisyphus: What is the relationship between accumulation and sustainability?

Meditation, Running, Quitting Weed/Alcohol/Nicotine, Leaving Toxic Ex, Stop Talking to Transphobic Relatives, Find A New Hobby, Try Butt Stuff, Walk Your Dog

Data, Revenue, Debts, Municipalities, Bankruptcy, Discharge, Pension, State, Austerity, Modulate, Neoliberalism, Survey, Punishment, War, Demographic, Rallied, Capital, Mass, Punishment

The affair is always more interesting than the wedding

Word crashed during the writing process


Accumulation in the body looks like


Lorelei d’Andriole