When The World Screamed


When the World Screamed is a sound installation and performance that speculates on the possibilities of co-creating with non-human entities and processes through sound synthesis and modulation. Consisting of large-scale string instruments constructed by stringing piano wires across tree trunks, this outdoor installation will generate sounds through a series of strumming mechanisms. Amplified by electric guitar pickups, the sound will be further modulated through sonic filters triggered by moisture, ambient radiation, and temperature sensors plugged into the ground. By allowing this data to distort, alter, and modulate the sound, the installation is a collaboration between human and non-human systems. Additionally, Narula and Jones will interact with the installation by moving and altering the locations of ground sensors to create a 30-minute sound performance piece that further highlights the collaboration between the artists’ bodies and the earth. The residency will culminate with a radio event in which Narula and Jones will play recordings from the installation and performance, present transmission related readings, including Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story, “When the World Screamed,” along with a discussion about how intersectional identities inform ideas of art, technology, and culture.

Listen to the July 6th broadcast at Wave Farm here (starts at about 0:50:00)

Lorelei d’Andriole